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Some items in the cupboard will need to be refrigerated after opening.



"I grow my own beans. I stagger the planting throughout the season so I have beans when I need them."


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Food waste and the environment

Food waste is a complex environmental problem that we can all help address.


Become a food lover

Become a Food Lover and share your food saving tips

Become a Food Lover and share your food saving tips.

Every one of us can help to reduce the amount of good food being wasted in NSW – food that ends up in the bin, greenhouse gases that end up in the atmosphere. The solutions are practical, convenient and easy.

Love Food Hate Waste offers useful tips to help you buycook and save food better. We have some great tools to help you get your serving sizes correct and to plan your weekly menu. Plus, there is lots of information on home composting and worm farming for that 'unavoidable' food waste. We also want to know about your experiences buying, cooking and saving food including your recipes for leftovers ingredients.

Become a Food Lover today and send us your ideas, tips and recipes. We will add them to our library and show them on pages of this website. Please complete the simple form below.


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