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Use leftover bolognaise as a filling for baked potatoes. L. Karkarousbas, Clemton Park


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Top tips for festive feasts

People planning for Christmas

Planning can make Christmas easy

  • Plan ahead: Planning special meals well in advance can help you to save time, save money, You can organise your shopping and prepare some items in advance and freeze them.
  • Write a shopping list: By writing a list, based on your menu plan, you buy only what you need and ensure you remember everything.
  • Calculate quantities: The Love Food Hate Waste serving size calculator can help you work out quantities of food for up to 10 adults and 10 children. About 100–150 grams of protein per guest is usually enough.
  • Store food correctly: Keep food fresher for longer by following our festive food storage tips. Also  read storage instructions on food packaging.
  • Food safety: Food should not be left out of the fridge or kept under 60°C for longer than two hours. Rather than serve everything at once, put out smaller portions and refill plates as needed.
  • Make the most of your leftovers: Plan for using up leftovers, the next day or have takeaway containers on hand for guests to 'Take a plate'. Try some of our festive leftover recipes such as ham and veggie slice or easy veg loaf.


With the free Love Your Leftovers app you can keep your meal plan, shopping list and favourite recipes all in one handy place.

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