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Washing your hands before preparing food is the first step of food safety.


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It's easy to reduce food waste when eating out

We don't often think about food waste when we're dining out, but in the food business 35% of food waste is uneaten leftovers on plates.

Leftover food on plates means you are paying for something you don't use. Food waste is the responsibility of the restaurant or café owner, but as a customer you can help to reduce this waste.

  • Before you order, ask about portion sizes and side dishes.
  • Order less, i.e. enough rather than too much. If necessary, order an extra dish later if you are still hungry.
  • If dishes are too big, share them. You can save money and leave more 'room' for dessert!
  • If you have leftovers on your plate, ask for a doggy bag so you can take the food home. Put this food in the fridge as soon as possible.
  • Use leftovers for lunch next day. When you re-heat leftovers, make sure the food gets piping hot before letting it cool to eating temperature.
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