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Use every edible part of the ingredient. A Martisons, Mangerton


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  • Barbecued Chicken Pizza For children Quick and easy

    This recipe is quick and easy, and you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise. Trust me, you’ll love it! Total time 30 minutes.
    Serves 4

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Storing bread, pastry, cakes and biscuits


Different types of bread

Learn how to store breads, cakes and pastry for optimum freshness.

  • Keep bread fresh by stopping moisture loss. Sliced bread should last for 2 to 5 days in its wrapper or in an air-tight container.
  • Storing bread in the fridge is not recommended; it can become stale quickly at low temperatures.
  • Store bread in the freezer if you want to keep it for longer than 5 days. Freezing does not affect its nutritional value and you can freeze bread for up to 3 months. Freeze bread straight away and seal it tightly with as little air in the bag as possible.


  • Short-crust pastry or store-bought frozen pastry keeps well in the freezer. Check cook books for specific times regarding fresh-made pastry.


  • Store cakes in an airtight container. Icing a cake, once it has cooled, can help increase its shelf-life by reducing moisture loss.
  • Cakes can be frozen: wrap them tightly in cling film or foil to remove any air before freezing. Frozen cakes will last for about 3 months with icing and six months without icing.


Keep sweet or savoury biscuits in an airtight container. Most sweet biscuits can also be frozen due to their low moisture content.

Uncooked biscuit mixture with more than 25% fat to flour will freeze well. Pre-cut biscuit mix uses a lot of space, so try freezing it in rolls of the same diameter as the biscuit you will be baking.

Pipe or spoon soft biscuit mixtures onto a baking try and freeze uncovered. Once frozen, lift off with a palette knife then pack and seal.

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