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  •  Quinoa Salad Vegetarian Quick and easy Low GI Low fat

    For a healthy meal, you can’t go past this quick but substantial salad. Low in fat, high in protein, gluten-free and bursting with flavour.
    Total time 20 minutes
    Serves 4

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Storing dairy and eggs


Fresh eggs and dairy products

Learn how to store eggs and dairy products for optimum freshness.

  • Store soft cheeses, like Camembert, in waxed cheese paper or baking paper. Avoid using plastic wrap because it will cause the cheese to sweat.
  • Blue cheese can be wrapped in foil but remember to change the foil every few days because the acidity of the cheese will attack the foil.
  • Hard cheeses, like cheddar or Parmesan, can be stored in plastic wrap or airtight containers.


  • Milk should be stored in the fridge immediately before and after use. Always check the use-by date.

Sour cream

  • Sour cream will stay fresh unopened for up to one month in the fridge. However, it is best used within a few days of purchase. Always check the use-by date.


  • Yoghurt is best consumed within the first ten days but can last up to six weeks. If it separates, stir the liquid back into the curd before eating. Always check the use-by date.


  • The easiest way to store eggs is in their original carton in the fridge. A quick test for freshness is to check if the raw egg sinks in a bowl or tall glass of water. Fresh eggs stay at the bottom of the bowl while stale eggs float. (Over time egg whites break down and cause air to form in a shell, causing old eggs to float).
  • Eggs can be frozen too. Lightly beat whole eggs then add either one teaspoon of salt or one tablespoon of sugar for every six eggs. Freeze in small amounts of one or two eggs (about 55g to 100g). Use the salted yolks in savoury dishes and the sugared yolks for cakes, custards and desserts. Remember to label the packages as 'salty' or 'sweet'! This should keep in the freezer for up to ten months.
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