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Cook enough for each meal rather than too much. S.McInney, Georges Hall


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  • Beef Tacos For children Quick and easy

    Kids love eating with their hands, and tacos are always a winner.
    Total time 20 minutes.
    Serves 4

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Storing seafood

Fillets of fish on trays

Learn how to store fish for optimum freshness.

Fresh whole fish should be gutted and washed if it is to be stored for more than 24 hours.

Cooked or uncooked fresh seafood should be kept for only 1–2 days in the coldest, non-freezing, part of the refrigerator ensuring it will not touch or drip onto other produce.

Wrap seafood well to prevent it drying and prevent the smell tainting other food in the fridge.

If freezing fish, clean and prepare it as if you were going to eat it and freeze as fillets. You can freeze a whole clean fish, if you want to cook and serve it whole. Make sure you label and date the fish.

If your freezer can maintain a temperature of minus 18°C or colder, lean seafood such as prawns, bream, whiting, snapper, lobsters and scallops will keep for 9–12 months.

Fatty seafood such as mullet will keep for only 3–4 months.

Refrigerate seafood as soon as possible after cooking.

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