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Food lover tip

Use all your celery for salads, stocks and garnishes. B.Cowling, Blacktown


Have you tried?

Have you tried...

  • Vegie lasagne Vegetarian Special occasions Good for leftovers

    A delicious lasagne perfect for dinner and lunch the next day.
    25 mins preparation + 30 mins cooking
    Serves 6

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Eliminate the guesswork – here's an easy way to stop over-catering.

Love having a full plate of food but never seem to finish it? Measuring your portions can help you have a clean plate.

Correct portion sizes are crucial to cutting food waste. We often cook and serve too much food because we want to make sure everyone will have enough to eat, but end up wasting food by overestimating what is really required.

Here's an easy way to get your portions sizes right: use our serving size calculator to measure the correct amount of food for the number of people you are cooking for.


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