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Food lover tip

Use your freezer to save and store leftovers. R.Ross, MacGregor


Have you tried?

Have you tried...

  • Icy Poles Vegetarian For children Quick and easy Food in season

    So refreshing and healthy. Because these are so quick to prepare you can make a range of flavours, something to suit everyone.
    Total time 2 minutes (+ freezing)
    Serves 4

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Check what you have at home to reduce food waste

Before you write your shopping list, double-check what you already have.

  • Save money by checking your fridge, freezer and pantry cupboard before you plan your meals or go shopping. Food can be easy to forget, especially when it's out of sight in the freezer, so it's better to have a look rather than doubling up or buying food you don't need.
  • Check the date labels on food while you're doing your stocktake.
  • This can also be a good time to do a clean-out. Compost, worm farm or dispose of any food you're not going to eat.
  • Where possible, recycle empty jars and packaging, or keep and re-use air-tight jars for storing dry goods like tea, spices, nuts or flour
  • Give the fridge a wipe-over before you fill it with fresh products.
  • Add a label and date to food before you put it in the fridge or freezer.
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