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Have you tried...

  •  Pumpkin and Spinach Frittata For children Quick and easy Good for leftovers

    When the fridge is a little bare, this is a quick and healthy idea for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    Total time 35 minutes
    Serves 4

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It may seem old fashioned, but meal planning can be that little gem which saves you time and money.

Planning your meals and a preparing a shopping list can save you time and money.

Planning your meals a few days or a week ahead has many advantages:

  • Save money – If you shop to a list developed from your meal plan you will be less likely to impulse buy or opt for take-away because you will already have everything you need at home.
  • Save – By planning your meals well, with dishes like stews or casseroles you can cook once and eat twice. You can also spend less time shopping.
  • Reduce food waste – Buy only the food and the quantities you really need.
  • Reduce stress – 'What's for dinner?' won't be a problem.
  • Improve nutrition – Planning your meals with family members can encourage fussy eaters to try different food. Meal planning can help you enjoy a healthy, varied and balanced diet. You will be able to see which food groups you are serving and when.

How to get started

How you plan your meals depends on what works best for you. You can plan for three meals a day, or get started by just planning dinners. If planning for a week ahead is too difficult, plan for just a few days to start with. You could dedicate one night for leftovers, or for trying new types of food and being creative. Leftovers can be a great resource for unexpected events or when you're just too tired to cook. Involve your family members in your meal planning and make it an enjoyable experience and a household habit. Share the workload and eat well!

There are many meal planning mobile apps available, or a simple handwritten list on paper is a great way to go, as long as you remember to take the list with you to the shop!
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