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Catering and buffet businesses


Planning to avoid food waste could be the key to winning more business.

Food waste in the catering or buffet business is well accepted, but is it necessary? Customers certainly prefer not to pay for food they don't consume. Many businesses compromise food quality or cut their margins to win more business. However, if you reduce food waste you can reduce the cost of purchasing, preparation and disposal.

Easy ways to cut your food waste:

  • Conduct a food waste audit
  • Use your audit results to review your menu and ordering
  • Consider using smaller containers for your food or buffet display, with staff re-filling containers more often.
  • Donate any surplus edible food to charity.
  • Provide special, clearly labelled 'food waste only' bins. Consider composting or worm farming instead of sending unavoidable food waste to landfill.
  • Use food waste avoidance as a point of difference, and actively promote your waste-saving actions, including food donation, to your clients and consumers.

Every year in NSW, households and businesses throw away a million tonnes of food. Yet up to 100,000 people each month go hungry, sad, isn’t it?

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