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Food waste disposal

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The best action you can take is to avoid food waste in the first place. However, while some food waste is unavoidable, you can do much better than sending it to landfill.

As an alternative to landfill, your business can:

  • donate unsold, edible food to charity
  • use on-site composting or a worm farming
  • use a collection service that will collect your waste food for off-site processing.

You could also investigate sharing a food waste collection service with other nearby businesses.

On-site composting or worm farming

Person placing food waste in compost bin

Composting is a great way to manage unavoidable food waste

If you have the space you may be able to set up your own food waste processing system using a worm farm or compost bin. There are several advantages to processing organic material on-site, as well as the environmental benefits of not sending your waste to landfill, and creating your own compost and fertiliser:

  • reducing your waste disposal costs
  • reducing odour on-site.

Check with your council first

Check with your local council before setting up an on-site compost or worm farm system – you may need to follow environmental guidelines.


Off-site processing

You can find a service provider through Business Recycling or contact commercial organic waste processors and collection services directly for more information.

Food waste can be collected by a commercial collection contractor, or directly by the processing facility, incorporating food waste collection and processing into one contract.

If you decide to use a commercial collection contractor choose one that provides a dedicated food waste service. Check that the collection receptacles/bins they provide will meet your needs, especially if you have limited space.

If you already have a contract with a waste collection company you may need to wait until it expires to start a food waste collection service, depending on your current agreement.


Your legal responsibility

You are responsible for making sure your waste is transported to a facility that is licensed to accept that type of waste. Make sure you understand your responsibilities under the law.


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