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Key facts
Molly Coddle Café staff

Molly Coddle Café staff are taking action to avoid food waste

Key facts

  • Diverted 2 tonnes of food waste from landfill through composting over the past 12 months
  • Redesigned the 'chicken melt' menu item to be smaller to avoid customer plate waste
  • Invested in a slicer to slice meat and cheese as required on a daily basis
  • Freeze surplus items like croissants to use later to create bread and butter pudding
  • Participated in a composting trial for unavoidable food waste

Molly Coddle Café saves two tonnes of food waste from landfill

Molly Coddle Café in Newtown is constantly working to avoid and minimise waste. Through careful ordering, working closely with suppliers and being inventive with leftovers, the Molly Coddle Café team are successfully avoiding food waste.

Arthur Ferrer and Peter Hardy the owner/managers of Molly Coddle Café agree that "avoiding food waste is one of the simple actions that we can take to not only save our business money but also reduce our impact on the environment".

There are many things that Molly Coddle Café does to avoid food waste including:
  • weekly stock inventory of fresh produce, ordering other supplies on an as needs basis and getting bread and milk delivered daily
  • working with suppliers to determine minimum requirements to avoid unnecessary bulk purchases
  • investing in equipment e.g. meat and cheese slicer
  • freezing surplus items like bread rolls and croissants for use in other recipes
  • using surplus produce in other dishes e.g. rocket wasn't being used before it started to spoil so we added it to the bacon and egg rolls which made them even more popular
  • regularly looking at customer plate waste and adjusting serving sizes as required.

For their unavoidable waste, Molly Coddle Café participated in a composting trial with support from Marrickville Council. The trial involved separating kitchen scraps from the waste stream and composting it in two Aerobins in Stanmore Reserve.



Molly Coddle Café

Shop 3, 612–622 King Street Newtown
For more information about Molly Coddle Café please visit
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