Petersham Bowling Club

Petersham Bowling Club

Petersham Bowling Club has estimated financial savings of 5–10%.

Key facts

  • Estimated financial savings of 5–10%
  • Ideas that are working:
    • weekly stock inventory and ordering on a needs basis
    • changing the menu to reduce waste
    • using unsold items to create meals e.g. unsold steak to create a Thai beef salad special
    • changing the serving sizes of condiments and sides.
  • Achieved a 20% reduction in waste going to landfill through recycling paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminium, cooking oil, printer cartridges, corks and composting organic waste.

Petersham Bowling Club's menu changes to avoid food waste

Petersham Bowling Club (PBC) is a community not-for-profit organisation that is avoiding food waste by making simple changes to the way the bistro is managed and operated. Revising and changing the menu has reduced the amount of food waste and is saving money.

The PBC Bistro Manager Lizzie Chapel said we changed the menu from standard bistro foods to freshly cooked pizzas, pastas and salads.

We have a diversity of people who come to the PBC – families with young children through to groups of friends who come for the live music. The style of food that was on offer, like deep fried fish and schnitzels and chips wasn't really suitable anymore. The pizza and salad menu certainly has a broader appeal.

Another reason we changed to pizzas was the difficulty with stocking fresh meats that may or may not be ordered e.g. steaks. With the new menu, we now use meat which has a longer fridge life, said Lizzie.

Changing the menu is not the only action that the PCB has implemented. The PBC team has looked at the way food is ordered and served. Each week, fresh produce is checked and ordered on a needs basis. This helps to reduce the amount of excess stock. Serving sizes of some items have also been changed. Lots of tartar sauce was being wasted so the serving size was changed, saving the business money.

The PBC bistro kitchen team also run a small catering business. The catering business can use 'leftover' food items from the bistro e.g. when steaks have not been sold but require use, they will be made into a Thai beef salad. The flexibility of choosing the catering menu (decided by the chef) means that there is very little food waste.

Through support from Marrickville Council, The PBC also established some onsite compost bins for any unavoidable food waste. In the last six months, 245 kilograms of organic materials have been composted and kept out of landfill.


Petersham Bowling Club

77 Brighton Street, Petersham

For more information about the Petersham Bowling Club please visit

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