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Once the food waste audit, has been completed its time to select your actions.

Take a look at the actions suggested for the area where your business creates the most food waste and select the ones you'd like to work on.

Graphic showing the three steps to reducing food waste in business

Reduce food waste in three steps

Preparation waste

  • order ingredients cut to size
  • use the whole ingredient
  • use up leftover ingredients and off cuts for other meals reduce over trimming


  • order less but more often
  • buy local and seasonal produce, it lasts longer and is usually cheaper
  • check stock amounts before ordering
  • use first in first out stock method
  • store food as soon as its delivered
  • use airtight containers or vacuum packaging to keep ingredients fresh

Plate waste

  • offer portion size options
  • offer sides and garnishes on request
  • offer takeaway containers so customers can take leftovers home.

The Food Act 2003 (NSW) allows businesses to provide take away containers. It is the responsibility of the customers to store and handle to food safely. Our Your Business is Food takeaway container stickers let customers know what to do.

Food donation

If your business has unsold portions of food which are edible, they can be donated to charity.

Food donors are protected under the Civil Liability Amendment (Food Donation) Act. This act limits the liability of individuals and businesses that donate food providing certain food safety conditions have been met.

The Love Food Hate Waste Food Donation Tool Kit (PDF 3MB) provides information about how to donate food and helps you identify which charity to donate your food to.

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