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Sharpen your orders


Cut waste by sourcing food locally and finding creative ways to use leftovers.

Keep food waste in mind when preparing your orders.

  • Check existing stock first and order precisely to avoid having too much stock.
  • Consider weekly and seasonal variations and how this impacts on the quantity of stock required.
  • Consider more frequent ordering of smaller quantities of fresh produce to minimise spoilage.
  • Order fish and meat cuts to specification.
  • Work closely with your suppliers and develop good relationships with them.
  • Compare the costs of bulk versus non-bulk purchasing. Purchasing in bulk can be economical if your business can use the items before the expiry date and has appropriate storage available.
  • Source local produce; it won't have travelled as far and therefore will generally last longer.
  • Order fruit and vegetables that are in season to reduce cost; they have better flavour too.
  • Record the quantities of food you serve or sell each week. This will increase your accuracy when ordering.
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