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Waste-proof storage


Checking date labels and rotating stock can help to avoid food waste.

A lot of food gets thrown away just because it hasn't been stored correctly. Reviewing your storage set-up could lower your running costs and boost your profits.

  • Check the temperatures – and the seals – on fridges and freezers regularly. Maintain correct temperatures : fridge 3–4°C and freezer less than minus 18°C.
  • Keep dry storage areas dry and clean.
  • Rotate stock: first in first out! Put just-purchased items at the back of the fridge, freezer or storage area to reduce spoilage.
  • Check food labels regularly: 'use-by' and 'best-by' dates.
  • Avoid storing food items one on top of the other; this can damage them. Keep liquids and food that might spill on bottom shelves.
  • Store left-over food in airtight containers. This also stops odours getting into other products and spoiling them.
  • Vacuum-pack meat products to prolong their shell life.
  • Put food away in its correct storage area as soon as it is delivered, especially fresh produce.
  • Consult your local council Environmental Health Officer or the NSW Food Authority for specific advice on food storage techniques to avoid spoilage and preserve food-safe conditions.
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