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Conduct a food waste review

Graphic showing the three cause of food waste- spoilage, preparation and plate waste

Food waste is caused by spoilage, preparation and plate waste

A review is an easy way to find out where food is being wasted in your business. It will give you an indication on where to reduce excess food waste and start saving money

Food waste review

  • Collect three bins, buckets or contains. Label one with preparation waste, another with spoilage and another with plate waste.
  • Ask staff to place all food waste generated each day into the corresponding bin e.g. food waste from customer’s plates goes in the plate waste bin, prep waste in the prep bin
  • Weigh the bins at the end of each day before emptying them. Record the weights on your food waste review sheet.
  • At the end of the week, add up all the amounts collected in each of the food waste bins.

The bin with the most waste is the area to tackle first when developing your action plan.

Once you’ve implemented some actions to reduce food waste, complete the review again to see how much less food waste you are generating

A note on bins – bins can be any size and shape that you prefer and you can re-use items such as buckets or large food containers. Smaller bins may need to be weighed and emptied more often, but larger bins are heavier to move and take up more space.

Our Your Business is Food program is completely free and guides you through all the steps to reducing food waste in your business. To find out more contact us.

How to perform a food waste review


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