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Food safety tips


Food safety is crucial to avoid food poisoning. Food safety is easy. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and eat well.

  • Check the food labels
  • Personal hygiene – always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling food.
  • Cleanliness – keep your kitchen, food preparation and food storage areas spotlessly clean.
  • Refrigerator temperature – check your fridge and freezer temperature to make sure your food is kept cool enough to stop bacteria growing.
  • Prevent cross contamination – separate raw food (especially meat, poultry and seafood) from ready-to-eat food and use colour-coded chopping boards if possible.
  • Store food correctly.
  • Cook food thoroughly – make sure all food (especially meat, poultry and seafood) is cooked thoroughly. Heat kills bacteria.
  • Heat up leftover food until it is piping hot.

More information

For food safety information for businesses, please contact your local council Environmental Health Officer.

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