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#KeepMeCool Poster

Keep your fridge cool.

#KeepMeCool Campaign

Fridges are important to us as they help keep our food fresh and delicious. But often we simply turn them on and forget about checking whether they are working as best they can.

During January 2016 we encouraged all NSW residents to sign up to the #KeepMeCool campaign and check the temperature of their fridge.

To help we gave away free fridge thermometers to people who register for the campaign.

Tips on using the thermometers
•    Put it near the middle of the fridge
•    Wait 2 hours before reading the temperature
•    Keep the thermometer in the fridge while reading the temperature
•    If the fridge temperature is not in the green zone (shown on the thermometer) adjust the temperature of your fridge.

Terms and conditions
#KeepMeCool campaign was delivered between 26 January 2016 and 31 January 2016 and was open to NSW residents. We collected personal details such as name, postal address, and email address for this campaign.

The full terms and conditions are available via the link below.
Terms and conditions for #KeepMeCool
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