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Food waste grants

Grants have closed

Love Food Hate Waste grants support partners

The EPA’s Love Food Hate waste grants have undergone a transformation to integrate two exciting new tailor-made programs for households and business.

  • Stream 1 – Household Education: grants of up to $20,000 for organisations to deliver Food Smart.
  • Stream 2 – Business Education: grants of up to $30,000 for single year project and $60,000 for two year projects to deliver Your Business is Food.

Streams 1 and 2 are currently closed.

A third stream –  Love Food Communities – will be available from early 2018, offering grants of up to $250,000 to deliver a two-year whole-of-city approach to food waste prevention.

Grant documents

Details about the grants, the application forms and guidelines are available on the EPA's website. Documents for Streams 1 and 2 are for references purposes only as these streams are now closed.

There is a separate application form and guideline for each stream.

Changes to previous grant rounds

Major changes to the previous grants are:

  • EPA-administered
  • no co-contribution required
  • simpler reporting processes
  • program kits and resources provided free of charge
  • EPA support for project delivery, including evaluation and data analysis.

About each stream

Stream 1 - Food Smart is an education program for households. Adapted from the Scotland Kitchen Canny program, it involves a six-step action plan, supported with email reminders, information, tips and resources such as bag clips. The program was piloted April-July 2017 with very positive results. For 91% of people, the Food Smart kit helped them become more aware of how to reduce food waste and 82% reported it made food waste avoidance easier.

Stream 2 - Your Business is Food is an education program for cafes and restaurants. It comprises of a kit including food waste audit instructions, action planning and advice on reducing food waste from preparation, storage and plates. Pilots showed that businesses provided with the kit and implementation support had an average 21% reduction in food waste.

Stream 3 is totally new and offer an opportunity for a council to take a whole of city/town/region approach to food waste avoidance. Applicants are expected to bring together the whole community to deliver a program over two years which tackles food waste in homes and businesses.

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