Love Food Hate Waste – Pull up banners

Usage terms

The Love Food Hate Waste resources are designed to assist registered partners to raise awareness about the issue of food waste in NSW with your employees. It is important that all registered partners intending to reproduce any of the Love Food Hate Waste promotional material or resources read and adhere to the guidelines in the Love Food Hate Waste style guide.

Before you can reproduce any Love Food Hate Waste material your business, not-for-profit organisation or local council must be a registered partner. If you are not already a registered partner please complete the partner registration form.

Registered partners can customise the materials by adding their logo in the space indicated in the style guide. Please refer to the Love Food Hate Waste style guide when reproducing material.


Four banners have been developed using the crying apple, cheese, milk carton and tomato images and their supporting food waste fact and action.

Banners should be reproduced in full colour (CMYK) only. The artwork has been designed for pull up banners for use indoors at events.

Check temperature of cool room and rotate stock – banner


Donate surplus food to charities and those in need – banner


Offer a variety of serving sizes to avoid waste – banner


Order fresh produce daily – banner


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