Love Food Hate Waste Resources


The Love Food Hate Waste resources are designed to assist registered partners to raise awareness about the issue of food waste in NSW.

It is important that all registered partners intending to reproduce any of the Love Food Hate Waste promotional material or resources read and adhere to the guidelines in the style guide.

Before you can reproduce any Love Food Hate Waste material your business, not-for-profit organisation or local council must be a registered partner.

If you are not already a registered partner please complete the partner application form


Registered partners can add their logo to many of the resources to promote the importance of reducing food waste in NSW. Please refer to the Love Food Hate Waste Style Guide for information on brand guidelines and how to use the resources.

Promotional materials and resources that can be downloaded in high or low resolution are outlined below. Many materials are available in both full-colour and black and white format.

Files labelled 'print' or 'press' are high-resolution files for press or professional printing use. These are ideal for co-branding and large print-runs.

Files labelled 'web' are a lower resolution. They are best used for on-screen viewing and small-scale printing on office laser printers.


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