Reducing food waste at home

Discover how making small changes can save you money and time, while reducing the amount of food you throw away. 

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In NSW, more than a third of the average red lid garbage bin is wasted food. That’s $10 billion worth of good food that’s being thrown away every year by NSW households. It may seem like we only throw out small amounts every now and again, but all that food adds up. Imagine $3,800 being thrown in the bin. That’s how much food the average NSW household wastes each year.

Of course, some food waste is unavoidable. Things like bones, shells, teabags, coffee grinds, eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels, pips and stones can’t be saved. But some food waste is avoidable. It usually happens when we buy too much, cook too much or don’t store food correctly. By making a few simple changes at home, we can reduce food waste, eat well and save money.

Watch our video to see why food waste matters