Food Smart is a six step journey to help you save money and reduce food waste

A variety of fresh produce

Work out how much food your throwing away and learn how to save it from ending up in the bin.

Woman storing herbs to keep them fresh

Check out these top tips for storing food correctly to keep it fresher for longer.

A couple sit at the table writing a shopping list

Learn how to save money and time by planning meals for a few days or a week ahead.

A male on his phone preparing for his shop

Get the tools to become a smart shopper so you can stay focused at the shops and when you get back home.

Broccolini on a plate to demonstrate the a suggested portion size

Discover how cooking just the right amount can be cost-effective, satisfying and healthy.

Woman spooning leftover meat into container

Find out how to use leftover meals as your secret mid-week weapon and get creative with leftover ingredients.