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Planning your meals and a preparing a shopping list can save you time and money

It helps at the shops and it helps make life a lot easier when you know what’s for dinner and you’ve got all the ingredients you need


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Planning your meals a few days or a week ahead has many advantages;

  • Save money – If you shop to a list developed from your meal plan you will be less likely to impulse buy or opt for take-away because you will already have everything you need at home
  • Save time – By planning your meals well, with dishes like stews or casseroles you can cook once and eat twice. You can also spend less time shopping 
  • Reduce food waste – You buy only the food and the quantities you really need
  • Reduce stress – ‘What’s for dinner?’ won’t be a problem
  • Improve nutrition – Planning your meals with family members can encourage fussy eaters to try different food. Meal planning can also help you enjoy a healthy, varied and balanced diet. You will be able to see which food groups you are serving and when

Top tips

  • Think about what meals you’d like to cook for the week ahead and write down the ingredients for each recipe
  • How you plan meals is up to you. You can start by planning three dinners or every meal for the whole week
  • Think about what ingredients can be used in more than one meal, such as mince in spaghetti bolognaise one night and tacos another night
  • Check what you already have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards that can be used up
  • When cooking meals like soups and stews, consider whether you can freeze the extra portions. That way you just need to reheat them for an easy meal another time
  • Save the LFHW Seasonal Food Guide, so you know what's in season


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