Hand sprinkle herbs over pasta dish

Recipes that use it up

Check out these great healthy recipes that use up your leftover foods.

Tacos on plate ready to eat

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Cup of herb salt on kitchen counter

Herby Salt by Cornersmith

Honey'd French Toast served on a plate

Honey'd French Toast

Roast veg mini quiches ready to be baked

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Supreme pizza ready to be cooked

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Pumpkin frying in a pan

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Sliced bread with scattered crumbs

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Leftover pasta stuffed into baking trays ready for the oven

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Green gut cleanser drink in a glass

Wrinkly cucumber green gut cleanser

Pesto ice cubes in tray sit next to cooked pasta

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Wrinkly tomato sauce in a dish with serving spoon

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Hand placing roasted cauliflower in salad bowl

5 tasty ways to use up leftovers

Blueberry pancakes with berries on top

Wrinkly Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Pasta salad in a bowl

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Avocado aioli sits in serving dish on table

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