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Teaching the next generation about food waste.

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Love Food Lesson Plans 

We’ve partnered with our colleagues at Sustainability Victoria to develop Years 1-8 lesson plans aligned with the national curriculum

For Teachers 

To access the full suite of Love Food school resources, including full lesson plans, instructions and worksheets, email us and we’ll send them to you.

Watch our video to see how Burwood Public School used the resources to teach students about food waste.

For Parents 

The activity worksheets below relate to the lesson plans for each year. While targeted to a year group, the activities may be enjoyed by children of all ages

Year 1 How to save food: Good for the little ones. Pull out a selection of fruit and vegetables and ask them to decide the best place to store them or how to use them up! 

Year 2 Review how you store food at home: Do a fridge and pantry audit. Clean out your cupboards then sort out your fridge. Get the children to categorise what they find into eat now, good for later or throw it away! Check out our tips for storage on the six steps page and watch these videos 

Video - Food date labels

Video - Fridge storage

Year 3 Saving food challenge: Record and celebrate your family food waste prevention action. Check out our tips on the six steps page, including watching the videos and celebrate family action, like meal planning, using bag clips to seal unfinished food or eat leftovers

Year 4 Food Smart family challenge: This one requires your children to help plan and prepare your family meals and monitor where food is wasted and by whom! It will also help you work out who in the family can save the most money by avoiding food waste

Year 5 Paddock to Plate food journey: Research the journey of your food from paddock to plate and identify where it might be wasted 

Video - The extraordinary life and times of a strawberry

Year 6 Food Boss diary: Children record their food waste for a week and identify why food is wasted and how to avoid it in the future (helping to develop problem-solving skills) 

Food Lovers board game: Play while everyone learns how to reduce food waste. Make your own game, by writing up four good and four bad food behaviours and playing the game to reward or punish good and bad behaviours. Requires dice 

Extra reading or videos 

PDF - Food wastage footprint & Climate Change by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (high school children) 

Video - Why love food hate waste   

Video - Six smart kitchen storage hacks to reduce your food waste 

Video - Love your leftovers 

Video - Use your fridge


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