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Knowing how much food you throw away is a great motivator for action to reduce food waste

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There are a few ways you can measure your food waste at home. The more you know and the deeper you go, the more likely you are to do something about reducing it. 


Method 1 – the Quick and Easy option

Clean out all unwanted or expired food from your fridge and pantry before your next grocery shop and put it on a table or the kitchen bench. Take a photo to keep and compare against improvements in the future.

This method gives you a glimpse of your food waste and is the method we suggest for our online Food Smart Program

Method 2 – the Food Waste Review

Collect your household food scraps in a container that you know the volume of, like an empty ice cream container, for two days. Make a note of the volume or weight of waste each day before disposing of it in your normal way.

Before you next go shopping, also clean out your pantry and fridge, making a note of the weight and/or volume of food that needs to be thrown away. Take a photo to keep and compare against improvements in the future

The two-day food waste review and clean out gives you a good picture of how much and what you are wasting and where. It is a good way to start your Food Smart journey at home. 

Method 3 – the Food Waste Diary

Make a note of all your household food waste for at least a week. Collect food scraps and plate waste in a container every day and record the volume, type, how much it might have cost and why it’s being thrown away.

The Food Waste Diary is a systematic way for you to record all of your food waste, both avoidable and unavoidable and identify clear actions for how you can reduce it. 

One of our partner's Central Coast Council has developed a  Food Waste Diary instruction sheet and template to help.

Knowing your waste is also the best first step for businesses. Check out our video on how the review helped Parramatta pub the Rose and Crown.


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