Images of foods that are in season in winter

Winter ways to avoid food waste

And to enjoy seasonal foods.

One of the best things about winter is tucking into a delicious soup or baked meal using foods left in your fridge or that have come into season. 

Cover of winter seasonal food guide

Soups, stews and other comfort food y are not only the perfect remedy to warm our frozen bodies but are also perfect for using up ingredients we have at home, meaning no more rushed trips to the shops. 

To get on board, take a look in your fridge and pull out any wilted veggies and grab that can of beans that has been sitting in your cupboard for a while and make a lovely soup for dinner. 

Winter meals are often also good for cooking in bulk or making extra serves frozen for an easy meal later. Simply freeze the meals in either family or single serve portions and defrost in the fridge when you need them. Remember to heat until they are steaming hot before serving. Also remember to add a label with what you have cooked and the date, so you know what you have. 

Cooking with foods in season is often fresher which means they will last longer and are also often cheaper.  

For a quick and easy references to what’s in season, we’ve created this pocket guide together with Harris Farm Markets. It includes delicious recipes featuring Harris Farm Markets imperfect picks to inspire you to make the most of the glorious winter fruits and vegetables available in the shops now.