Staff at food business giving takeaway food to customer

Engage your staff

Reducing food waste requires ongoing communication with your team, so they can support your initiative. 

Engage your staff in the beginning of the food waste avoidance journey is crucial. It will reduce the resistance to change and create the community pride and stronger teamwork spirit when you know what they are doing is great for the environment.


Staff engagement does not have to be an extra meeting but talking about it at your regular staff meeting or at handover. Remind them the new action and update them the process/ success, so they can see their contribution has made some kind of difference.


Below are some tips on staff engagement:

1. Talk about why food waste matter with you staff
2. Delegate recording of the food waste review to a champion or team to take ownership of the program, monitor progress and answer any questions.
3. Share the food waste data with staff and seek their input on tackling food waste area
4. Make it fun on culinary training in the kitchen or collecting feedback from customers on menu or plate waste to make food waste avoidance
5. Get feedback from front of house staff about the menu, portion sizes and items that are often left uneaten, like garnishes or condiments.
6. Keep your team updated on progress and celebrate their achievements.


Food Service Magazine article - Staff engagement tips (529KB, PDF)

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