Your Business is Food

How to do a food waste review - Food waste is not rocket science. You only need three buckets and a scale to identify your food waste from spoilage, food preparation and plate waste. Parramatta’s Rose and Crown Hotel chef Anthony Collins and General Manager Sammantha Glynn share their tips on how to cut costs to save food and money.

Case Studies

Hilton Sydney - The Hilton Sydney has completed two rounds of our Your Business is Food program and have seen remarkable reductions in food waste and operational costs while increasing staff satisfaction and helping people facing food insecurity

Rose and Crown - After a one-week food waste review and great team work, the Rose and Crown Hotel in Parramatta shows how a change to ordering practices and offering chef specials have dramatically cut their food waste and boosted productivity and profits.

Three Rosettas - By working with local suppliers and listening to customers George Melky from the Three Rosetta reduced food waste from his restaurant and saved money at the same time.

The Old Fellow - Cherrie Yang from The Old Fellow shows how they saved money by performing simply actions, such as being creative with leftovers. They also reduced their food waste by 61%.

Angelo's on the Bay - After discovering that 59% of their food waste was from customers plates, Angelo’s on the Bay made small changes, such as adjusting portion sizes that saved them money and reduced their food waste.