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At Love Food Hate Waste we work with partners, communities and other Government organisations to reduce food waste. This page celebrates all the wonderful projects that are working tirelessly to love food and hate waste.

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All Good - Spectacular Spuds

Image of two potatoes - one has been peeled

All Good - Spectacular Spuds

We LOVE potatoes - fried, boiled, mashed or baked – making spuds the biggest type of produce grown in Australia by volume. Did you know, cooked potato skins are a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C?

All Good - Cool Cauli

Image of a whole cauliflower and half a cauliflower

All Good - Cool Cauli

Cauliflower can be grated, baked or even crumbed to make a schnitzel! Did you know a single floret contains 10% of your daily vitamin C needed for a balanced diet? Although we love the heart of our caulis, the stalk leaves are edible and yummy too!

All Good - Bashful Beets

Image of a single whole beetroot with leaves

All Good - Bashful Beets

Roasted beetroot is a much-loved Australian staple, packed with nutrients and high in fibre. Find out how you can soak up its health benefits by using every part of the vegetable.

All Good - Pretty Pumpkin

Image of pumpkin and seeds

#All Good - Pretty Pumpkin

The inside of pumpkin is the perfect addition to a salad, frittata or can make a tasty side dish when roasted or mashed. Pumpkin seeds and skins are delicious and with a splash of oil and seasoning can take it to the next level!

All Good - Loveable Leeks

Image of leek

Lovable Leeks

Lots of recipes only call for the white stem part of leeks to add flavour to soups and roasted dishes. Boring! Did you know that the leaves and the root can also be used in a variety of tasty ways?